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Who am I and what can I do for you?

Living in Bundaberg Australia, I am a lifetime and career foodie, as a chef by trade this is my core passion and where most of my commercial photography work is done, I shoot inhouse for various commercial use’s including internal and external articles, websites and other promotional material in the food service industry.

My passion is in all types of photography however, my portfolio is diverse and varied, my style is dark and with rich vibrant colours, and I enjoy travelling the country to follow my passion to capture great moments and even greater people.

I am only available to shoot for very limited amount of commercial slots in 2019, but I am always happy to discuss what I may be able to offer you, and when. My style is minimalist, I use very little equipment making me very mobile.

I prefer to ‘soak’ into your business over time to capture those beautiful candid moments, people and products. No sets, no large lights or unnatural posing.

Send me a note at joshua@joshualeslie.com, or click the social icons below to send me a message and we can talk about what you need.